Ceremony for Sektor Thailand Office merit on 17 November 2018

Thursday, November 22, 2018

On Saturday morning, 17 November 2018, SEKTOR Thailand organized its annual office merit making ceremony intended to usher in another propitious year for the organization. During the ceremony, 9 monks were invited to SEKTOR’s main office in Bangkok. Kenji Lim, The host who is the head of management addressed wording offer meal and alms to all monks after a pray. SEKTOR' staff offered sangkhapan consisting of consumer products, dry foods, and medicine. The monks chanted blessings and sprinkled holy water around the office.

In addition to blessing the office, the ceremony also had the dual purpose of allowing staff members to share a spiritual experience in order to further build upon their sense of camaraderie.

The aim of this ceremony is to bless the new office and its inhabitants for success and happiness. 9 Monks are always invited to that new office in order to bring morale, fortune, and prosperity to entrepreneur and staff including all spirit there as well.